Welcome to my Sensorium
Interpreting the world the way I see it


Photo Art By
Cat Hamilton

My work is born out of having synesthesia where my senses are blended and I see people and music in colour and motion.


I craft unique self portraits through my  interpretation of the feelings, colours, sensations, movement and emotions I am experiencing. 

From my base in Warwickshire I am working to create living art in the form of an immersive exhibition. It is early days, however I am getting things in motion. Watch this space! 

I use my art to explore my self expression and have several collections. 



I love how innovate the art world has become. There are so many opportunities and new ways of sharing art these days.

I decided to get up to date and created an NFT. 

This one is slightly different to my other pieces as it is more digital in it's appearance. It shows the delicate balance of 'holding it together' emotionally and I love this visual representation.

My work is so personal to me and what I was experiencing/feeling at the time and it makes each piece unique. I have made this one available to only 50 people in the whole world. You can see it here 

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