Welcome to my Sensorium
Interpreting the world the way I see it


Photo Art By
Cat Hamilton

My work is born out of having synesthesia where my senses are blended and I see people and music in colour and motion.


I craft unique self portraits through my  interpretation of the feelings, colours, sensations, movement and emotions I am experiencing. I also do portraits for others - the image here is a portrait of Holly Willoughby!

From my base in Warwickshire I also create living art connected to meditation music with binaural beats embedded in them for a more immersive experience,.

I use my art to explore my self expression and have several collections I am turning into NFT's https://opensea.io/assets/CatHamilton

Wall Art

All art deserves to be seen and experienced. My photo art looks incredible printed on aluminium and just as good on either acrylic or canvas. If you want more from your purchase than just digital files, talk to me about your specific requirements and lets add unique beauty to your home.

Coming in May - See my art work paired with music on Syntropy States App

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