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Animal Naturopathy
A holistic approach to health and wellbeing

Our animal companions health and wellbeing is as important as ours. Do you use conventional medicine, or take a more holistic approach? Do you eat a balanced diet or is it mainly junk food? Do you have good health or do you struggle with ailments that you can't explain?

When thinking about our own health and wellbeing we would generally buy ourselves the nicest food we can and do thing that support normal functioning. Dogs are no different. Have you ever wondered what is in commercial dog food? It is actually disgusting and mostly has no nutritional value for your animal, and therefore causes them to have digestive problems, build up intolerances and weaken their immune system.

Having a more balanced healthy diet can make all the difference to your animals life. They are after all, in some cases thought of as our children, and you wouldn't feed your child crisps and chocolate all day. 

Traditional health care for animals covers a lot of bases, while holistic naturopathic health care takes a preventative approach, and looks at the animals lifestyle, mental health, behaviours and any health conditions that are present and take everything into account. There is no 'chasing symptoms' it is a collaborative approach between the animal, the owner, the naturopathic practitioner and the vet. 

In the same way, you wouldn't go to the doctor for a massage, you wouldn't go to the traditional vet for energy healing or other healing modalities.

I utilise all my knowledge and experience to see your animal holistically and use a variety of healing modalities to support health and wholeness, including but not limited to  -

Energy Healing/Reiki
Energetic Body Assessment and treatment
Flower Remedies
Nutrition suggestions
Emotional Freedom Technique
Animal Communication
Mindful Pet Parent practises

I have a youtube channel with some free Reiki healing sessions you can listen to and if you would like to know more, or to book your animal companion in for an assessment please get in touch for a FREE 15 minute call. 
If you are worried about anything relating to your dogs health it is always advisable to seek advice from a vet


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