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Communicating Telepathically

I have had psychic and telepathic experiences my whole life. It’s something that has always been there and has forever enriched my life.

I don’t just have one of my senses active, they all seem to be! Sometimes at the same time but mostly one will be stronger than another in different situations depending on what is being transmitted to me.

Throughout my life I have followed meditation practises and offered my services as a healer, meditation teacher, coach and as an animal communicator and energy healer. They all give me an outlet to share my gifts with others who may need them.

There are several ways to receive telepathic messages. You may receive images as if they are snap shots of people, items or places. This works especially well when communicating with animals. They send the images of what they want to tell you and you send them images of what you want to communicate to them. It’s like storytelling between each other using transmitted pictures.

For example, if a dog is pulling on the lead, you can send the dog an image of them walking near you calmly. If they keep pulling, stop several times while they are pulling and say ‘feet’ or something that brings them closer to you, while also sending a happy image of them walking close to your feet. Let them know verbally you are happy with them when they stay closer to you.

If an animal is agitated ask them telepathically to send you an image of what they want you to know. You may receive an image of their lead, their food or water bowl or of something you don’t expect. Once we get out of our heads and remove any thoughts about what we think may be wrong, we can be surprised by what the animal is communicating to us.

Another way of receiving telepathic messages is sensory where you can feel sensations in your body - pain, heat, cold etc. This is a way of letting you know that the animal is experiencing these sensations themselves and want you to help them or pass this information on to the owner or vet. You may also get smells or feelings related to the sensations you receive. Stay open to all the ways the animals are communicating with you and not just one.

Some animals speak in words and it is not uncommon to receive messages as if they are actually talking to you like any person does. Always be open and ask questions to clarify that you have understood correctly what they are telling you. The voice may be generic or full of personality. You will know it is

not coming from you.

Just as with people, we can assume we understand what they are saying but in reality can be way off the mark. Animals will correct you if you get the message wrong and change it according to what you think they mean.

Think of yourself as a transmitter of information and not a translator, you do not need to wonder what it means, or make up your own meaning for what is being said to you. Always give what is shared and ask for clarity and more information if needed.

I have experiences of communing with animals and people who have passed on, and of seeing their spirit bodies. If you are attempting to communicate with someone either alive or no longer here, you must always ask for permission. Don’t just barge your way in and expect them to want to talk to you.

Offer the invitation telepathically, introduce yourself and tell them why you are making contact with them then wait for a response before proceeding. You wouldn’t just barge up to someone in the street and start a conversation out of the blue and start asking them personal questions. It is the same with telepathic communication too.

If you have any questions or would like a 1-2-1 session with me to learn more and practise techniques please feel free to get in touch

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