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Things to consider

When you take a holistic approach all things are considered not just the presenting symptoms

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It is my mission to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of taking a holistic approach to your animal companions wellbeing, and to consider all contributing factors.

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The Holistic Approach 

Many conditions that an animal comes to see me for can be related in some way back to their diet. We don't always consider diet to be important, either for ourselves or our beloved animals, however it can be the underlying cause of many issues including -


Skin irritation

Behaviour issues


Digestive issues 

Stress & anxiety 

Vitamin deficiencies




It is my job to look for possible reasons for imbalances through investigating diet, lifestyle, mental health, physical health, environmental stressors, allergies, exercise and mental stimulation. All these things can either impede or heighten a doge life span and quality of life. Many symptoms can be from different sources and they all have to considered, instead of symptom chasing and trying to fix the presenting condition, rather than looking for the root cause to prevent further exposure and unhappiness for your pet.

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