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My story...

Image by Mark Godfrey

A Journey of Animal Connections and Spiritual Awakening


Meet Cat, a soul deeply intertwined with the tapestry of life, pulsating with an innate affinity for the enigmatic language of animals, and a profound communion with nature's creatures.


As a child, Cat was always fascinated by the myriad forms of life and her extraordinary psychic gifts revealed themselves in the soft whispers of the natural world and a communion with a universe unseen by many.


Yet, as life unraveled, the weight of the world burdened her spirit. Feeling like a ‘performing monkey’ and being continually asked ‘have you got a message for me’ or 'what is my pet trying to tell me’ plus the non-acceptance of her gifts and the tendency to be seen as ‘weird’ took there toll.


Still, driven by a profound desire to share my gifts, Cat found purpose in illuminating the path for others. Through intimate one-on-one sessions and spirited group gatherings, she nurtured a space within where the intricate threads of human and animal connections were woven into a tapestry of shared consciousness. 


Cat's teachings, a gentle guide to those seeking to deepen their bonds with their animal companions, became a beacon of light in a world often dimmed by the mundane. She wanted to share this with everyone and let them know they can speak to their animals too. 


Whether it was delving into the unspoken desires of a troubled pet or acting as an emissary between a distraught owner and their beloved animal, Cat’s ability to bridge the gap between worlds brought solace and understanding to countless hearts. Her gentle touch eased the burdens of miscommunication, paving the way for a harmonious coexistence between humans and their furry, feathered, or even scaled companions.


Beyond the ethereal conversations, Cat also works as an energy healer and interspecies communicator. She can support animal companions with their l'owners' and opens the door to deep healing and the wonder of knowing the interconnectedness of all life.

Today, Cat’s journey continues, a testament to the unwavering bond between human and nature, a testament to the beauty that ensues when one listens closely to the whispers of the wild. With each passing day, she persists in her mission, nurturing the delicate balance between the realms, inviting others to embark on a transformative voyage of self-discovery and profound connection, all guided by the wisdom of the creatures that tread the same earth we call home.

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